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BENAZIR BHUTTO: 21-06-1953

Benazir Bhutto Being a Gemini, she ruled by No 5 or Mercury, and according to our proprietary equations, three numbers will always play a role in her life and those are +8, -9 and -3, which also means 8 will always come in positive aspect and 3 and 9 will prove fatalistic in her life and since 9 was the number associated with the cusp of her zodiac & every times its arrival brings problems in her life.

We would like to show you the consequences of No 9 in Benazir Bhutto’s life.  The numbers show the hidden influences that play in the destiny of the individual.

  1.  Her Date of Birth: 21-06-1953     = BN = 3 and DN =  9
  2.  Date of assassination 27th Dec   =    9 
  3. Assassinated in the year 2007     =    9
  4. Her husband’s name 
            Asif  Ali  Zardari                       =    9
            1318 131 7124121    =   36    =   9
  5.  His D O B:  26-7-1956                    =   9  [ The DOB of her husband = 26 = 8]
  6.  They married on 18th Dec            =   9
  7.  Her age at the time of her death =  54 years   =    9
  8. Her son’s name: 
            BILAWAL       ZARDARI     BHUTTO
            2131613          7124121         256447
               17=8        18=9        28=1
                     8+9+1    = 18    or   9 ,  the hidden meaning of the compound number 18 from age old Tarot's is :      
     “This number is pictured as a rayed moon from which drops of blood are falling; a wolf and a hungry dog are seen below catching the falling drops of blood in their opened mouths, while still lower a crab is seen hastening to join them. It is symbolic of materialism striving to destroy the spiritual side of the nature. It generally associates a person with bitter quarrels, even family ones, also with war, social upheavals, and revolutions; and in some cases it indicates making money and position through wars". 

    It is, however, a warning of treachery, deception by others, also danger from the elements, such as storms, danger from water, fires, and explosions.” It leaves him vulnerable to attempts on his life too.

  9. We shall now look into the Numerological aspect of the calculation of her name:

        B E N A Z I R   B H U T T O
        2 5 5  1 7  1 2    2 5  6 4 4  7    =  51    = 6

    And the meaning of Number 51 in numerology is:
    “This number has a very powerful potency of its own. It represents the nature of the warrior; it promises sudden advancement in whatever one undertakes; it is especially favorable for those in military or naval life and for leaders in any cause. At the same time it threatens enemies, danger, and the likelihood of assassination”.

You can clearly see the assassination mentioned in her name itself.

Let us analyze the name vibration of some other leaders who have been assassinated:

INDIRA GANDHI : 19-11-1917

I have already spoken enough about the role of numbers in Indira’s life in public conversations and on Orkut. I am again explaining in brief for your eyes.
Again from the DOB, Four numbers can be extracted as per our proprietary formula and those are -9, -3, and +6 and -4. {Numbers with -ve sign are fatalistic and with +ve sign are favorable & fortunate.}

  1. She chose to marry Feroz Gandhi [vibrates to 48 = 3] who’s DOB = 12/09 = 3 which is her negative number and must have avoided for marriage.
  2. Her married life ends after 18 years. 18 or 9
  3. She bears the pain of her father death on 27th may or 9 which is her –ve no.
  4. Elected president of Indian National Congress in 1959 = 24 = 6
  5. She became Prime Minister of India on 19-01-1966 whose total sum is 33 or 6 and on 19th Jan which sums to 1 and which is her own Prime number. It must be clear that no 6 is being told as Positive for her above.
  6. She faced strong criticism for her decision of income ceilings on the date 12-11-1969 which totals sums to 30 or 3 and date is also 3.
  7. Because of declaring Emergency, she voted out of office on 22-03-1977 which totaled to 31 = 4 and also the date was 22 = 4.
  8. She was murdered by her bodyguards on 31-10-1984. The date is 31 or 4 and total of this date, month and year is 27 = 9.

You can clearly see that every number which was told to be negative for her had proved negative in her life. Every pain in her life was associated with the above told numbers. If she would have known her negative numbers and how to avoid them throughout the life, she had never met with such fate. There are thousands of such examples in this world.

ABRAHAM   LINCOLN : Assassinated
1 2 2 1 5 1 4    3 1 5 3 7 3 5
     16=7           27=9   Total combination = 16 
the meaning of no 16 is:

 ”This number has a most peculiar occult symbolism. It is pictured by ‘a Tower with a Crown on his head.’ It is also called ‘the Shattered Citadel.’ It gives warning of some strange fatality awaiting one, also danger of accidents and defeat of one’s plans. If it appears as a ‘compound’ number relating to the future, it is a warning sign that should be carefully noted and plans made in advance in the endeavor to avert its fatalistic tendency.”
Abraham Lincoln

Martin Luther King JrMARTIN LUTHER KING: 15-01-1929

He was born on 15th Jan and was named as Michael King which sums to 33 I.e., the name and the DOB both was in harmony. Later his name was changed to Martin Luther king, which sums to compound no 53.

The meaning of number 53 is same as of the number 26 described above.

Furthermore, since his name vibrations sums on 53 and he was in his 39th year, so it creates the combination of 4 and 8 and numerology clearly states that whenever 4 and 8 comes in conjunction with each other, it will result in Brutal Death or any such experience. Also he was shot dead on 4th April, further increasing the fatalistic power of Rahu or Uranus.

 JOHN F KENNEDY: Assassinated
1 7 5 5   8  2555541
18 = 9     8        27 = 9    = 9 + 8 + 9 = 26

the meaning of no 26 is:

 “This number is full of the gravest warnings for the future. It foreshadows disasters brought about by association with others; run, by bad speculations, by partnerships, unions, and bad advice".

If it comes out in connection with future events one should carefully consider the path one is heading. It should not be associated with 4 or 8” though he was assassinated on the 22nd and 22 = 4!

John F Kennedy

You can also read about Narendra Modi HERE. Furthermore every person, whether great or ordinary one, are playing as per the destiny designed by their numbers. Be it Vivekananda, Meher Baba, Aacharya Rajneesh (OSHO), you, me and everybody else you can think of.

You can clearly examine that each happenings in your life is attached to some particular number and result of that happening will be determined from the fact whether number is positive or negative. You can test it yourself. For ex. if you find anybody in your family with DOB as 1, 10,19 or 28 of any month , then you can easily see the occurrence of number 4 in his/her life in one way or another , be it his home number, his Joining date, marriage date or spouse or children dob etc. And as I told above that 4 is often associated with pain and deep sorrow, so this effect can easily observed in her/his life. Also if husband and wife both are having 5 or 14 or 23 of any month as there DOB or as Destiny No, then there are far less chance of having a baby. In almost 50 to 60% of the children suffering from mental disabilities, you will find their DOB as 5, 14 or 23rd of any month. Number 5 associated to Mercury either produces the extreme intellect or produce the worst.

By reading the above text, you can easily determine how the human beings are played by the numbers as a puppet. By knowing our fortunate numbers and avoiding the negative numbers in your name, marriage, home, daily activities, appointments, meetings, decisions etc, you will bypass most of the negative happenings of your life and thus ensure your success in less time and efforts.

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